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Migrate your lab's labor-intensive, manual processes into a digital workflow across all teams so you can dispatch your phlebotomists faster, perform more draws per shift, and get reimbursed sooner.

Complete route assignment in minutes

Instantaneously assign routes and draw lists and send them to phlebotomists’ mobile devices

Start drawing sooner

Phlebotomists go directly to the first patient instead of picking up paperwork at the lab

Easily capture patient changes

Patient refusals and room number changes are captured and transmitted back to dispatch

No more hunting for phlebotomists or draws

Immediately see where every phlebotomist is and the status of any patient draw. Draw status can also be displayed in your client portal

More blood draws per phlebotomist

Affix LIS barcode stickers during the draw using a portable printer, so phlebotomists spend less time at the lab and more time with patients

No more mileage calculations

Daily mileage calculations are automatically performed and delivered to the designated billing personnel, saving hours of work while eliminating errors


How it works in

Home Health

Home health care businesses face shortages of qualified staff amid growing demand for home health services. Our workforce management and informatics technologies can be quickly customized to multiply efficiency, so your aides and nurses can treat more patients while achieving better health outcomes.

Spend more time socializing with patients

Social interaction is critical for a patient’s physical and mental health. Our mobile solution minimize screen time, so caregivers can spend more time engaging with their patients

Embrace value-based purchasing contracts

With our guided workflows, your aides and nurses can deliver better, more comprehensive care in less time; a key factor in becoming a value-based provider

Treat more patients with existing staff

Routes and visit instructions are securely delivered to the caregivers, and collected data are transmitted back to the office, freeing up capacity for the expanding Medicare population

Intervene before an emergency

Our HIPAA-compliant solution allows your caregivers to securely capture photographs, video, and audio of a patient, making it easier for physicians and others to get a more complete understanding of each patient’s health in near real-time

Outpace the competition

All caregivers and workflow activities are automatically tracked by time and location, allowing you to easily identify process bottlenecks and measure the impact of performance improvement initiatives


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