In-Home Visit Guidelines during COVID-19

TeloPoint is always dedicated to the health and safety of the patients we serve and our staff. We’ve updated our home visit protocol to combat the transmission of COVID-19 and to ensure that patients can continue to receive quality in-home care even during government mandated quarantine.

Precautions taken by TeloPoint

Recommended steps for patients


Which areas do you serve?

We perform blood draws at your home or office in Manhattan, New York City.

Can I pay for TeloPoint MobileCare with my health insurance?

At this time, our services can only be purchased with a credit card, debit card, Flexible Spending Account card, or Health Savings Account card.

Who performs the blood draw?

Our thoroughly vetted phlebotomists have years of experience performing blood draws. We perform extensive background checks against criminal records, licenses, education, and employment history.

Does TeloPoint MobileCare work with my physician?

Yes. We work with all physicians. Have your completed lab test prescription ready when our phlebotomist visits you, and we take care of the rest.

Do I need a lab test prescription?

Yes, your physician needs to prescribe the lab tests and give you a fully-completed paper lab requisition form. We do not provide services without a prescription.

Which lab performs the blood tests?

The lab on your prescription performs the tests. After we draw your blood, we deliver the specimens and paperwork to the specified lab. It's the same as going to the lab, but without the hassle.

How are the specimens handled?

We handle and prepare the specimens according to strict guidelines for the different lab tests. It's important to centrifuge the specimen within the specified timeframe and maintain a consistent temperature range.

How is my health data protected?

We have multiple layers of data security to ensure your information is secure. We employ multi-factor authentication, data encryption at rest, and strict limitations on data access.

How do I get my lab test results?

Your doctor shares the lab test results with you in the same manner as before. We take care of getting your blood specimens to the lab.

Can I choose the same phlebotomist each time?

Yes. While your first encounter is chosen based on our phlebotomists' availability, you will have the option of choosing the same person for subsequent visits.

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