Keep up with lab tests without leaving your home

Stay home without sacrificing necessary lab tests. Make the lab come to you.

TeloPoint MobileCare is a service that delivers all of the benefits of getting lab tests done without disrupting your busy life. Make the lab come to you.

Traditional lab visit



In-Home Visit

Wait for hours in an uncomfortable waiting room with unfamiliar people, sometimes while on an empty stomach
Schedule a specific 30-minute window for a ~10-minute procedure in the comfort and privacy of home or the convenience of the workplace
Travel long distances to the lab, made even more difficult for those with elderly or mobility-constrained loved ones
Skip the trip, stay put, and make the lab come to you
Worry about your child feeling scared at patient service centers
Stay at home where they feel familiar and safe, making the entire experience more comfortable and painless

The bottom line...

Risk letting serious health problems go undetected by not completing your lab tests
Take control of your health and avoid costly hospitalizations that disrupt your life, family, and career

We make lab work convenient and comfortable

1. Receive doctor's prescription
2. Schedule visit at home or work
3. Complete specimen collection
4. Discuss results with your doctor
1. Receive doctor's prescription
2. Schedule  visit at home or work
3. Complete specimen collection
4. Discuss results with your doctor
Schedule In-Home Visit

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Success stories

Much appreciate TeloPoint coming to collect specimens my doctor ordered. Super quick and easy! Thanks!
V.F. - Patient
"With my demanding schedule, I don't have time to go to the lab and wait my turn. I was able to have a phlebotomist come to my office at 7 AM and finish by 7:15. Very convenient."
E.W. - Patient
"With my busy professional schedule, family, and relationship commitments, I just don’t have time to go to the doctor or lab. I scheduled my in-home appointment on my phone and the next morning one of TeloPoint’s professional phlebotomists came to my home and performed my blood draw. No joke, TeloPoint saved me 3-4 hours out of my day. No dealing with the subway, no waiting at the doctor, no fasting all day long."
J.S. - Patient
Just to say a huge thank you to you and your phlebotomist Richard. Your service has helped me enormously and I am so grateful for your responsiveness and the smooth process. Richard was delightful and the whole experience was great. Please know that you are all so appreciated for the work you are doing to keep us safe and well during this time. I will use and recommend your service to others for sure.
E.W. - Patient
So glad this worked out! Mom also informed me that everything went smoothly and the gentleman that came to the home was very understanding. Thanks so much all for assisting with making this happen; this family has been unable to access medical care for some time. I am so happy we were successful with multiple appointments this month.
K.M., LMSW - Care Management Supervisor
Everything went great. Thanks again. We will definitely reach out for future lab work.
C.M. - Patient
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