Make healthcare convenient

While pizza, electronics, and clothing are delivered to our homes, healthcare is still a chore. Care is not delivered where we are or when we want it, and the traveling and waiting take longer than the clinical encounter itself.

TeloPoint makes healthcare convenient to improve patient experience, therapeutic compliance, and health outcomes while reducing the paperwork burden on providers and staff.

Deliver care to patients when and where it’s convenient for them.

Lab tests are a low-cost yet powerful diagnostic tool for managing personal and population health, but specimen collection is a barrier:

  • No nearby patient service center for the blood draw
  • Traveling and waiting room time take over an hour
  • “Fasting” tests increase patient dissatisfaction

How we make blood draws convenient for patients and providers

Our turn-key, HIPAA compliant platform allows your clinicians and care coordinators to improve patient experience and compliance without investing in additional IT resources for development and maintenance. TeloPoint MobileCare is a scalable, customizable platform for in-home care delivery.

Make blood draws convenient

TeloPoint's MobileCare platform allows patients to arrange their own in-home blood draws. The necessary details are securely transmitted to the assigned phlebotomist for fulfillment.

Expand lab testing for PHM

For example, identify and email members born between 1945 and 1965 for Hepatitis C testing. The email message takes members to the patient portal where they can schedule their in-home blood draw.

Free up clinical resources

By digitizing and automating the data management tasks surrounding specimen collection, your team can concentrate on other, more important tasks instead of encoding details into different systems.

Improve HIPAA compliance

TeloPoint hosts all applications and data on our blockchained digital infrastructure, backed by HIPAA-compliant standards of security and governance, so you can focus on your work knowing your PHI is secure and searchable
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How it works in

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