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Happier, healthier patients at no extra cost

We make it easy for patients to follow-through on their prescribed blood tests, so they can better manage their health without disrupting their busy lives.

What’s better than delighted patients?

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Effortless for you and your staff

Depending on your EHR, we can develop an integration where your patients click a link within a portal message to schedule and purchase our phlebotomy service. Otherwise, they can go to TeloPoint.com to schedule it right now.

Easy for patients to better manage their health

Patients want to stay healthy, but life can get in the way. We make phlebotomy accessible and convenient by allowing them to schedule and purchase the service using their smartphone, and our SMS confirmations ensure they don’t miss the appointment.

Satisfied patients brag about your practice

There is no better advertising than satisfied customers, and we make it easy for your practice to shine.

HIPAA compliant and secure

TeloPoint hosts all applications and data on our digital infrastructure, backed by HIPAA-compliant standards of security and governance, so patients and care providers can rest easy knowing that PHI is safe.

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