Work where

and when

you want

Help others and help yourself

Mobile phlebotomy can be fun, but the paperwork and having to work on someone else’s schedule isn’t.

Our fully-digital platform means you do all your work on your smartphone: scheduling your availability, navigating to or calling the patients, and getting easy-to-follow draw instructions.

Spend more time on phlebotomy and less time on paperwork.

You choose the times and locations that suit your schedule

We allow you to set the schedule and neighborhoods that work best for you. You can even schedule time before and after a regular job.

The more you do, the more you make

We pay per draw, so the more visits you make and the more draws you complete, the more money you make. It's as simple as that.

No paperwork means more draws in less time with less effort

By eliminating the tiresome, error-prone work, you can complete more draws per hour with no end-of-route paperwork. Collect the specimens, spin them, and drop them at the lab.

HIPAA compliant and secure

TeloPoint hosts all applications and data on our digital infrastructure, backed by HIPAA-compliant standards of security and governance, so patients and care providers can rest easy knowing that PHI is safe.

Let's move forward

Find out how you can increase your income working when and where you want.
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